Every year, schools looks at ways of optimising their IT budget to get the best products at the best possible prices. Good IT infrastructure has become essential in the Belgian education sector. However, there are many ways to make it more budget-friendly. It is not always necessary to buy complete desktops or laptops. A Multipoint is also a very good solution for setting up a computer room in a budget-friendly way. Signpost has been using Multipoints for years in both the secondary and primary education sector. The Microsoft Multipoint solution is increasingly finding its way to the classrooms.


A Multipoint solution consists of Wyse clients, one or more servers, and the necessary software. The Wyse clients are made by Dell, while the servers are provided by HP. So, these are not your typical desktops with screens. The desktops have been replaced by small clients that connect to the corresponding server via a wired Ethernet network. There are no distance restrictions between servers and clients so that the clients can be installed and connected in different classrooms. An easy, convenient, and affordable solution. A Wyse client is also very energy-efficient in that it consumes only 20 percent of what a regular desktop normally uses (excluding screen).

The software is pre-installed by Signpost, which means that the ICT coordinator will not waste any time installing and configuring the software. Up to 20 clients can be connected to one Multipoint server. This server (with optional extra memory) has sufficient power for all of these computers to surf the web and use Office applications at the same time.


Schools can also run two servers side-by-side so that even more clients can be connected to each other and redundancy is created. The Multipoint solution is therefore perfect for basic applications. However, this system is not recommended for streaming videos, which would demand too much from the servers, putting a serious burden on the system.



If you would like to see for yourself that this system really works, unlike other similar systems, then please request a demonstration. Contact without obligation for an extensive product demonstration or explanation about the license management in connection with Multipoint. We can provide you with a demo setup (including screens), that can be tested extensively.