Laptop projects


IT integration in lessons is gaining in importance in the curriculums. Using laptops in classrooms is a logical next step. Signpost is the absolute market leader and pioneer in BYOD and has numerous projects running throughout Belgium, with some for more than 12 years. We not only offer competitive prices but also pride ourselves on our great after-sales service. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can ensure that everything is prepared down to the last detail. Moreover, we have our own team of technicians who will deal with repairs and problems. Each school will be assigned its own technician who visits several times a week to solve any defects. The ICT Coordinator will not have to do this himself. We also help with labelling and imaging the devices.


All devices automatically come with a 3-year warranty. Signpost also provides an excellent insurance model so that defects falling outside the guarantee will still be repaired at an acceptable price.


A laptop project is a cost-saving project for the school because the computer rooms do not have to be renovated, saving money and space. Parents and students already have many options (e.g. leasing, rent, quarterly payments, credit, instalments, etc.). Our solidarity-based financing scheme also offers possibilities for the less well-off.


Schools should not decide to go for BYOD without consulting with us first. We will visit the school (or a group of schools) without obligation to explain the system. This introductory session gives the school a clear picture of everything it should take into account. You also have the opportunity to ask detailed questions after and during this session. The introduction will deal with issues such as the choice of devices, ways of financing, the service model, insurance, laptop or tablet, and why a device should be made compulsory. If you would like to make an appointment, please contact without obligation.