Our own technicians



Signpost is the ideal partner when it comes to supplying software and hardware to schools. We believe the most critical aspect of the cooperation is the service we offer. Every school wants to be able to use everything effortlessly, without problems that take up too much time. If an installation fails, ICT Coordinators should not have to spend all their time solving the problem. Instead you can contact our helpdesk, who will help you find a solution. Thanks to our helpdesk staff’s extensive knowledge, we can help the ICT Coordinator quickly and effectively. If there is a hardware problem, the ICT Coordinator does not have to take the device to one of our service points and wait for weeks until the problem is solved. Which is something that happens in many other companies.


Signpost mainly works with HP and Lenovo. We have chosen these partners because they bring excellent quality products to the market, but also because they allow us to carry out repairs ourselves. HP and Lenovo allow our own technicians to carry out repairs because they have the appropriate diplomas and certificates. For schools, this means that repairs are carried out much faster, and we can make the diagnoses ourselves. Our technicians work from the service point location but are also mobile. In the case of any problems, they will visit the school to deal with the problem or make an initial diagnosis and take the device away for repair. In the latter case, the school can also expect to have the device back very soon because of faster handling.


For schools that embark on laptop projects, short follow-ups by technicians is even more critical. ICT Coordinators should not have to waste hours repairing laptops. The schools will each be assigned their own technicians who know their way around the schools. This person will visit several times a week to carry out repairs. A familiar face at each school will make working more pleasant for everyone. Our technician will know what to do in the school, and the school will not lose time showing this person around and explaining the problems.