Schools spend a lot of money on printing and copying every year. For example, they print courses and tests for students, as well as correspondence and many other documents. Some of these costs are usually passed on to the students, but schools still have a large part to pay. Often, a lot of money is wasted because things are printed incorrectly or sent to the wrong printer. As a result, they are often reprinted. That is why more and more schools are deciding to map out their printing habits. This is where the Papercut software comes in. Schools often have many devices and many users so having control is essential.


Papercut software can be used to map out printing habits. This not only allows schools to better control their costs but also avoids unnecessary paper waste. It is the perfect software for monitoring all this. Signpost is proud to offer this product to schools. Implementing this software offers your school many possibilities. The school can, as it were, draw up a print policy. Using this software will significantly reduce costs.


Schools have asked what this means in practice. Below are some practical examples. Schools often have different types of printers. Some printers are more suitable for, for example, printing large quantities. Papercut will arrange for large files to be automatically pushed to those printers. This greatly reduces the cost per page compared to sending them to a small desktop printer, for example. Many schools also automatically print pages on both sides. People quite often send pages to the wrong printer. They then forget to collect these pages, which are simply discarded at the end of the day. Usually, the person in question will print the pages again on another printer. Papercut has a setting that only allows a page to be printed once the person sending the job has entered a code on the printing device.


Nowadays, keys are increasingly being replaced by badges. Each teacher will have their own badge. With Papercut, these badges can be used in combination with the printers. For example, instead of registering on a device, a teacher can simply log in by using the badge, ensuring the copies are linked to the right users.


Students or teachers often want to print things for private use. Papercut can allocate them certain print credits that can be topped up. In this way, the printing costs are immediately paid and mapped. Often enough people quickly print something at work because it is 'free'. However, they tend to forget that the school or company does have to pay for these prints. Your school can prevent this by using such a credit system. This can also be processed directly into the accounts for invoicing on the school account.


Papercut has a very interesting price point, especially compared to similar programmes. Schools can always ask for a no-obligation quote. If you are interested in Papercut, then please contact without obligation