Rolling Out Office 365


Microsoft's Office 365 environment is a powerful platform that more and more schools are using. The possibilities are endless and it can also help to abolish some of the school’s costs. Nevertheless, many boards and/or ICT Coordinators are reluctant to fully implement it. They often already use Google Apps for Education so they do not want to start another environment, but sometimes they just lack the knowledge or the time to do all this. Signpost can also help your school with this.


Schools that have a Microsoft volume licence will also be able to distribute free Office licences to their teachers and students. This version of Office can be installed on up to 5 different devices. It is an interesting option that many schools will want to use. However, the condition is that schools must have an Office 365 platform because the licences are linked to the e-mail addresses of the teachers and students they have in this platform. This is the main reason why most schools choose Office 365. NOTE: these are e-mail addresses that are unique to everyone and, therefore, existing private addresses should not be used. They also always link back to the school’s domain. 


It is quite a job for ICT Coordinators to allocate such an e-mail address to every user and to start up the entire environment. Moreover, teachers and students may also leave the school. It therefore also requires quite a lot of managing on behalf of the ICT Coordinator to deal with this inflow and outflow. Many schools want to use the Office 365 environment, but only for their teachers. Students mainly communicate through Smartschool, and to provide them with Office only, is too much work. However, Signpost can fully take care of this. For example, we can fully adjust and fine-tune the environment for your school. Another option for giving students a free copy of Office without Office 365 is Academic Office. This portal is exclusive to Signpost and uses a voucher system.


Office 365 has many more possibilities than just handing out a free Office licence. Students can collaborate online, get cloud storage, and also have access to a web version of Office. This means that they can make changes without having to be on a computer with the correct software. Moreover, the Office 365 system has now also been implemented in Smartschool. Schools are given the opportunity to replace their Exchange server with a cloud solution. More costs that can be eliminated in other words. We can also provide a SharePoint environment, making things like exchanging files much easier. The possibilities of SharePoint are endless.


If your school would like to use this platform but still has questions about setting up this environment or want us to do this for you, then please contact without obligation for a detailed explanation of the possibilities and prices.