intel nuc

IT is increasingly finding its way into our classrooms, but it is not always easy for schools to keep up with technology. Curriculums are written in such a way that it is almost impossible to imagine a life without IT integration. However, to achieve full IT integration into the lessons, the school will need to be able to accommodate computers. Most schools have computer rooms, but it is often difficult to find a ‘free’ computer room. Everyone seems to want to use them if there are no computer science lessons in progress at that moment. Sometimes, regular classrooms will have a few devices at the back of the classroom, but more often than not there is no space for them. Schools are now thinking about alternatives, and a good alternative may be the Intel NUC.


Intel NUC, better known as Next Unit of Computing, is a mini PC with a performance that is comparable to the classic desktop. This compact model is increasingly finding its way into classrooms. The specifications of the NUC can be the same as for any other computer. For example, it is possible to have a desktop with an Intel i3 processor and 4 GB working memory in NUC format. Due to its small format, the computer can also be mounted to the back of the screen. This saves much space, which is undoubtedly an asset in classrooms that are often already short of space.


The Intel NUC’s other advantage is that it is also a very energy-efficient device. When you purchase a computer, you usually only consider the cost of buying the device, but its energy consumption costs are often not linked to this investment. You will soon notice the difference in your energy bill at the end of the year, if your computer room is fitted out with 20 regular desktops or with 20 NUCs. Teachers and students are also often disturbed by the noise produced by computers, making it harder for them to concentrate. The NUC needs much less cooling, which is a blessing in terms of sound production in the classroom.


If you are interested in the system but would like to try it out first, then please contact without obligation for an extensive product demonstration or explanation of the use of an NUC. We can also provide a demo machine, which the school can use for a while. References from schools that are already using the system are also available.