Schools are getting more and more computers all the time including but not limited to desktops and various mobile devices such as laptops and tablets. The management of these devices should not be underestimated and should preferably be done from a central point by the ICT Coordinator. Until now, the possibilities for this were quite limited.

Microsoft has developed the perfect solution by bringing Intune for Education on the market. This tool simplifies the management of all these devices, meaning fewer headaches for the ICT Coordinator and more efficiency for the teaching staff.

What can Intune for Education do?

  • Mobile Device Management for Windows, iOS and Android
  • Control of Windows Updates
  • Deployment of installations on Windows devices
  • Roll out of apps from the Windows, iOS, and Android stores
  • Apply a simplified GPO to your devices
  • Control of Windows Defender for Windows devices
  • Display of installed software on Windows devices
  • Importing Wi-Fi profiles on Windows devices
  • Importing certificates

How does Intune for Education work?

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