Many teachers like to use the computer rooms at school. However, computer rooms can also make many teachers or lecturers feel that they have stepped out of their comfort zone. The students will all be sitting at their computers, and it may be difficult to keep an eye on what they are doing on their devices. Teachers like to have control, without having to stand at the back of the classroom. Some teachers think it is not all that obvious, but there is an excellent solution on the market that can help them. Signpost is a partner of Impero, which provides Classroom Management Software. This software allows teachers to check who is doing what or send out and collect assignments, etc


By using Impero, teachers can make using computers in the classroom much more enjoyable. They can view their students’ screens but also share their own screens with them. In this way, everyone will immediately see the same image, making it easier to follow the lesson. Teachers can also use this software to digitally control and collect tasks and tests. A report about students who are working on something that is not really allowed can be sent to the teacher so they can talk to the students about it.


Impero’s possibilities are not limited to classroom use. The software also contains features for network management and energy management. A device can be taken over remotely so that the ICT Coordinator does not always have to go to where the device is located. It is also possible to keep a discreet record of network activities so that all user activities are visible. Remote Control also helps to control and simultaneously view several devices.

The energy management aspect is also very interesting for schools. Quite often, some computers are still active in the evening because students or teachers forgot to shut down these devices. Impero can automatically switch the devices on or off at times chosen by the school. This is good for the environment and saves much money for the school.

Impero’s possibilities are endless. In addition to energy management, Impero also offers printer management, so that these costs can also be controlled. Another exciting feature is that you can limit what users can effectively do. This applies not only to internet usage but also to programmes and files on the network. Finally, Patch Management is another immense added value in Impero. The software can be protected by automatic scanning and updating.


If your is school interested in using Impero and would like to test the software, then please contact and one of our employees will give your school the necessary information about the use of Impero. A demo can be scheduled to give the school the opportunity to test the software.