Setup and production of imaging

Schools are getting more and more computers every year. Many schools even work one-on-one through laptop projects, meaning that all students have their own devices. The more devices there are in circulation at a school, the more work there the ICT Coordinator has to do. For starters, all these devices must be ready for use at the start of the school year. The days when each computer was still manually installed are long gone. Most ICT Coordinators use an image. However, rolling out and creating this image is often labour-intensive. Signpost feels very strongly about service and is always happy to help where possible with the imaging.


Signpost can take various steps for your school to optimise and roll out this image. For example, we can inform your school about the possibilities but also partially or fully assist with the imaging components. The list below gives an overview of some of the steps that we may be able to help you with:

  • Creating an image
  • How to create an image
  • Future-oriented: how to make an efficient start immediately
  • Setting up & configuring WDS (Windows Deployment Server)
  • Setting up & configuring MDT (Microsoft Deployment Toolkit)
  • Automation of additional settings or software
  • Installing devices with an image
  • Labelling devices for follow-up and identification
  • Delivery



If you would like to have a look at the possibilities and the associated costs, please contact without obligation for a detailed explanation of the possibilities of imaging.